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In February 2021 we welcomed Pastor Nico Deschner as our Interim Lead Pastor at Celebration.  With Pastor Nico being an Anglican Priest with Via Apostolica, his appointment brought with it a discernment process for our congregation as we discern both the permanency of his role as well as a potential long-term covering and partnership with Via Apostolica.

Celebration has existed for the last decade + as an independent, non-denominational church. Previously under the covering of Lutheran Church Canada, Celebration felt the Lord's leading to step away from the covering of LCC and follow what we believed the Lord was leading us towards. There are many blessings and challenges that come from operating outside denominational covering, and since then Celebration has been intentional about building several key partnerships both locally and nationally, including the Alliance of Renewal Churches and, more recently, Church Renewal.

As we walk forward in this process of considering both Pastor Nico and coming under Via Apostolica, we ask for your grace and prayerful consideration throughout this process. It is vital that our church community remain intentional and engaged throughout this exploration time. The goal of this process is that we can make a clear and informed decision about Via Apostolica at the appropriate time, and we appreciate your engagement and intentionality throughout!

Letters From The Board & Pastors


Understanding The Anglican Way

Published July 9, 2021
Pastor Nico highlights a couple resources for us to consider together as we begin this journey. Click the buttons below for more info!

What Is Biblical Discernment?

Published May 10, 2021
Take a listen to this teaching from Pastor Nico on Biblical Discernment. How did Jesus teach us to discern, and what did the disciples do when faced with difficult decisions? How should this inform our discernment and decision making today?

Exploring Via Apostolica Clips

The Heart Of Via Apostolica

Published July 9, 2021
As we begin this video series, join Pastor Nico and Bishop Todd Atkinson in this video as they talk about the core understandings and focuses of Via Apostolica. 

The Crest & The Three Streams

Published July 26, 2021
In this clip, Bishop Todd Atkinson explains the crest of Via Apostolica, a symbol highlighting the key focuses and values of Via Apostolica, as well as unpacks the understanding of the Three Streams.

Via's Journey From Independence to a Denominational Covering

Published  Aug 6, 2021
In this clip, Bishop Todd Atkinson explains the journey Via Apostolica went on that took them from an independent church to a denominational church. 

The Role of Bishops, Priests, and Deacons

Published  Aug 26, 2021
In this clip, Bishop Todd Atkinson explains some of the core leadership roles in Via Apostolica, including the role of bishops, priests, and deacons

Communication From The Board & Staff

Update March 17, 2021

Check out this video from Pastor Nico and members of our board, outlining the steps of the discernment process so far and using for your prayerful discernment as we walk forward together

What's On Your Mind?

We need your voice, discernment, and prayer as we all walk through this together. Send us a note with your thoughts, questions, or encouragements!

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