Ongoing Events

Worship House Nights

Pursuing messy, authentic worship times

Once a month, we have been gathering together people in a home to spend two hours worshipping God with our voices and instruments. Have you ever asked yourself what worship would look like in an unhindered environment, with a ton of different instruments, sprinkled in with a bunch of messiness and trial and error? This is the environment we are trying to create with our worship house nights – a raw, authentic, and meaningful worship experience. If you are musician, bring your instrument! If not, bring your voice – even if it’s bad! Chord sheets will be downloadable from this spot a week prior to each gathering

Our next Worship House event will take place at 220 Leopold Cr here in Regina on February 9th at 7pm. See the button below for the set list!

Special Events

Ash Wednesday

Join us on February 26th, 2020 at 6:30pm

Since earliest times followers of Christ have celebrated the passion and resurrection of Jesus with great devotion. Ashwednesday and Lent prepares us for this time. Some would say Good Friday only makes sense in the light of Ash Wednesday. We invite you to join us as we acknowledge our mortality and express our thankfulness for our Saviour Jesus Christ. Starting at 6:30pm we will together go through a liturgy and finish with Communion. Join us for this deeply spiritual experience.

Ask For Rain Conference

Setting our hearts on the Bridegroom

Ask For Rain is a dedicated weekend for believers to gather together to worship and pray for our region. In the spirit of the Tabernacle of David, the weekend partners ongoing worship and prayer with powerful main sessions and activations. Operating since 2014 in close parternship with several other core churches, we have seen 100+ churches annually give their time and energy to unified prayer as we ask the Lord for revival for our city and province.

This year, Ask For Rain will be hosted at Lighthouse To All Nations church from March 5-7, 2020. Please note because of limiting seating capacity, the main sessions (Thursday - Saturday nights at 7pm) will require pre-registration and will need to be closed once capacity is reached.

The full schedule for Ask For Rain will be posted here soon!

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