upcoming board elections

On June 13th alongside our annual Budget Meeting we will be looking to elect three board members to the board/eldership of Celebration Church.
Our board works on three year rotations, with two elders choosing to stand for re-election coming off previous terms, and one new board member currently up for election.
Please consider the candidates and bios below as you prayer discern alongside our church body these key leadership positions for the coming years.
Please join us in-person or online on that Sunday afternoon for this important gathering

Standing For Re-election

Gwen Friedrich

Alison Schulz

Up For Election

Fred Hill

My wife, Helene and I began attending Celebration Church in 1982 and quickly became immersed in the life and family that has been central to our lives for almost 40 years now. Some of my favourite memories collected along the way include: co-leading care groups, being part of the Elder and Board teams, co-leading fund raising campaigns, and chairing the board through difficult but rewarding leadership transitions. I have had other rewarding experiences resulting from my involvement with the broader body of Christ; evangelism within the city, missions overseas, preaching at Celebration and in other churches, conducting baptisms, funerals and weddings, providing chaplin services at the Regina correctional center, and developing regular prayer times with pastors throughout the city.

After a 30-year career as an engineer and business executive I retired early, in 2015, to accept an invitation to join the pastoral leadership team at Celebration. In 2017 I became the Lead Pastor. I strongly believed that one of my key responsibilities in that role was to develop a strong leadership team within the staff. Once I believed that Nico and Matt were ready to take over leadership I offered to step down. Soon afterwards I was contacted and invited to become Chaplin to the Legislative Assembly in Saskatchewan. I accepted that role and am now reaching out to MLA’s and their staff across the province with the gospel, prayer and hope.

I consider it an honour to be nominated again to be an elder at Celebration.