annual budget meeting

Prayerfully considering the Lord's direction for 2022/2023

June 26, 2022

Starting at 12pm
Join us after church on this Sunday for our Annual Budget Meeting. This meeting is crucial to the life of Celebration as we continue to prayerfully discern the direction of the Lord together. In the meeting we will celebrate the Lord's goodness in the previous year, looking forward into 2022/2023 with anticipation of His direction and leadership. The 2022/2023 budget will be presented and walked through, giving room for any questions, thoughts or concerns as we prepare for this coming year.

Members of Celebration, this is an important gathering for you especially, so please be diligent in attending either in person or online. For those of you joining online, the link can be found below and will go live at 12pm that Sunday

Board Member Nominations

In addition to the 2022/2023 Budget we will also be voting on two new board members.
Please consider their candidacy and bios below!

Lydia Leung

Hello! My name is Lydia Leung but I am also commonly known as ‘the piano/keyboard girl’ at Celebration. I am born and raised in Regina and have been attending Celebration for the past 10 years or so. I am blessed to have been raised in a Christian home, surrounded by generations of family members who were active followers and servants of Christ. I spent my childhood and young adult life just down the road at the Regina Chinese Alliance Church. I was about 6 years old when I first accepted Christ as my personal Saviour. During my pre-teen years, I first started serving on the worship team, children’s Sunday School and VBS. My husband Curtis, daughter Felicia and I started attending Celebration when we moved into the Windsor Park area a decade ago and we have been part of this congregation since then.

I first became actively involved at Celebration with the worship team by invitation of Cam Liske. Shortly after, Curtis and I were invited to join the Liske’s small group and we were introduced to group of people who have allowed us to be challenged, encouraged, vulnerable, open and honest about our faith and walk with Christ. Small group provided us with an opportunity to develop friendships unlike any we have previously had, and it opened up for me a desire to learn more and grow deeper roots. This led to stepping out into other ministries including the Lighthouse ministry led by Stella and Andy Becker and new experiences with worship ministries.

When I was asked to consider serving on the Board of Elders, I was simultaneously surprised and honoured. The Lord has made His presence known in every stage of my life so far, and has been there to guide me every step of the way. After prayerful consideration and time spent listening for His voice, it would be a privilege to serve alongside the leadership of Celebration and let my name stand for nomination. Thank you for your continued prayers and support through this process.

Shawn Lamb

I have been a member of this congregation way back to the Glen Elm days.  I feel so blessed to have grown up in a Christian household. I remember accepting Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour at bible camp as a young kid. Does anyone else remember Captain Bible?  

I have been attending Celebration/Glen Elm for most of my life with varying levels of engagement. For my wife and I, joining a small group really changed the way we walked our Christian lives.  I have been blessed to be able to serve as a directors/elder of Celebration for the past 6 years. This time has been full of learning, discerning, and listening to Jesus.  It is really an honour it is to serve alongside this amazing group of elders and pastoral staff and would consider it a privilege to be elected for another term. I love serving this congregation and I thank you all for your prayers and support.